Our Services

CAMA Software

Our CAMA software is a powerful and flexible, comprehensive property inventory and valuation solution for the Assessor community. eQuality provides the functionality to maintain, value and track properties and associated revenue. It is built on the Microsoft Platform, using the most up-to-date .net and web technologies.

Online Property Cards

Our Online Property Field Card website can be tailored for each Municipality. It provides the ability to choose not only the data you want to display but the label and sequence of each field. Using the Towns Banner and text from the Assessor, it can be seamlessly linked to from the Towns web page. Using a standardize data format, we have the ability to interface with any other CAMA Software Vendor.

Revaluation Services

Our company assures that fair and equitable assessment of properties is achieved by calibrating the valuation models. Our Appraisers have in-depth knowledge of Mass Appraisal as well as single property appraisal skills. Our services can be tailored to the specific needs of each Municipality. From Full to Hybrid to Updates; we have the management skills and tools to successfully deliver your Revaluation Project.

Services and Solutions

Our Team

Our Office Staff provide revaluation service and software support. They may be seen periodically in the municipality when a revaluation project is underway.
The Data Collectors are the most visible members of the appraisal process to the general public. They visit residential properties with the purpose of measuring and verifying both the exterior measurements of the building and the interior data with pre-existing records from a municipality.

About Us

Who we are?

eQuality Valuation Services understands that with the never-ending budget pressures at all levels of government, property taxes are an increasing fiscal lifeline for municipalities. Because of the importance of this vital revenue resource, it is imperative that municipalities completely, accurately and fairly apply the property tax burden to their taxpayers based on fair and equitable assessment. Our software application is user friendly and we provide a unique “hands on” approach to customer service and support.

What we do?

Our company assures that the fair and equitable assessment of properties is achieved by our staff members which have the highest level of mass appraisal skills as well as single property appraisal skills for defending assessments. eQuality will work with the Municipality to identify areas which may require additional focus such as Condominium Associations, specific design types on Residential buildings, and land topography. We have extensive experience in the commercial sector including special use properties.

Why choose us?

Unlike other revaluation companies, at eQuality the Assessor and their staff have full access to the revaluation database – Real Time. This provides the Assessor with the ability to monitor the progress of the project from start to end. They can review the data collection, data entry and the valuation at any time throughout the project.